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What is EVERLAB?

The environment and economy are increasingly connected in the global marketplace. From rising tides to raging wildfires, environmental outcomes have economic impacts in communities around the world. 

Yet, despite the obvious connection between these two realms, there is a lack of a standardized “business case” for resilience, including language and performance metrics. Identifying cash flows, cost savings, and the social and economic returns of environmental intervention is still an evolving formula—a formula in need of a testing lab. 

What is Everlab and why is it unique?

More than a conference, Everlab is an opportunity to drive the conversation around environmental finance, investment, and risk management. Through a unique combination of facilitated dialogues and on-the-ground learning experiences, Everlab will provide a platform for attendees to engage with one another, the New Orleans community, and the most innovative thinkers at the forefront of environmental finance and corporate resilience. Everlab is a signature program of Greater New Orleans, Inc.

Who should participate?

Corporate leaders seeking to enhance resilience in their communities; financial services professionals pursuing environmental finance and investing opportunities; government officials looking to address existential and complex problems; economic development and environmental practitioners identifying best practices for engaging and collaborating with each other.

When and where is EVERLAB 2020?

Our team is currently exploring what the future of EVERLAB looks like, and will soon announce plans for 2020.

How can I participate?

Everlab is open to interested attendees, sponsors and speakers. Please contact Lacy McManus at to discuss options for participation. Or click here to sign up for updates.

Greater New Orleans, Inc. (GNO, Inc.)

GNO, Inc. is the economic development alliance for Southeast Louisiana. We act as a catalyst for wealth creation through business and product development: attracting and keeping businesses in the region, and improving business conditions through policy, branding, and workforce development. Through this mission, GNO, Inc. recognizes the inextricable link between the economy and environment.

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